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Addiction & recovery resources. Articles on alcoholism, drug abuse & substance dependence. Information on rehabilitation, detoxification & strategies. Suited to alcoholics, addicts, friends & those interested in the disease of addiction

This site is operated and maintained by Michael Bloch. Michael is an Australian web marketer who loves what he does (for the most part) and feels privileged in being able to do it. But life wasn't always this way for him. Michael is also a recovered alcoholic/addict. In the early 90's he was unskilled, had no job, no home and no hope. Then something changed... This site is his story - and what he and everyone around him learnt the hard way about a disease called addiction....

This site serves to disseminate information regarding substance addiction and recovery techniques.  The opinions expressed here are personal and not representative of any religion, community group or organization.  Michael does not represent any particular group, but recognizes the efforts of organizations such as AA, NA, Al-Anon and Nar-Anon.

Feedback is encouraged and very welcome.  This site is a strictly non-profit, non-commercial service. Any email communications directly to me are treated in the strictest of confidence.  

 I am very interested in networking with other addicts, both in recovery or still practising.  There is a great deal of work that needs to be done in the world regarding drug education and rehabilitation. I can be contacted .

Please be aware that the content of these articles may disturb some readers.  This is addiction and recovery "in the raw". No punches are pulled as it is such a serious subject.  I am not a doctor, nor a qualified counselor.  All information in this archive is supplied "as is" without warranty of any kind.  Always consult with a licensed physician first in regards to any medical condition you may have.  It saddens me to have to write this disclaimer paragraph, but it's a sign of the times.



IntroductionMy name is Michael, and I'm a recovered alcoholic/addict.
Harvester of Sorrow - Part 1How one person's addiction affected an entire family and many others -mine
Harvester of Sorrow - Part 2Final part of how one person's addiction affected a family and many others -mine
Addiction - A descriptionThe word "addiction" is used so frequently - this articles attempts to define drug addiction
The road is long......Advice for those in the recovery from substance abuse..
Addiction - the disease conceptAn explanation of why addiction is medically classified as a disease.
Addiction and GeneticsInformation on the controversial subject of inherited addiction
I hadn't killed anyone....yetThe danger in predicting how substance abuse will affect your behaviour
Rebuilding the WreckRecovery - Education as a  preventative medication
Recovery and SpiritualityGetting your head around the "Higher Power" concept
The ParasiteA "different" description of substance addiction
Cross AddictionPrescribed medications, over-the-counter preparations and recovery
The Man in the GlassSome thoughts on success in recovery
Ward 13Welcome to where time stands still.........
"Please help me....."What would you do if a stranger asked you?
The CrossroadsA place in the mind and heart
Frustrated IncorporatedFrustration and the recovering addict
Imagine this...You've been clean and sober for 5 years..then the unthinkable occurs
Ricochet - when things catch upRecovery does not mean a clean slate. Just a less crowded one....
RelapseThe lead-up to a downfall
So, how do you know?Substance Addiction, self diagnosis and denial
What's out of the gutter....People ARE the same, wherever you go
Recovered vs. recoveryCan you ever consider yourself recovered from addiction, or are you always in recovery? Here's my view.
Grief and the recovering addictGrief through the loss of a loved one can be an especially vulnerable time for the recovering addict.
The Guy in the GlassThe history behind the poem that had a huge effect on me coming to terms with what I had become through drug addiction.
The Hospital's role in recovery - Part 1My 1996 submission to an Australian Hospital review board regarding Drug and Alcohol policy
The Hospital's role in recovery - Part 2My submission to an Australian Hospital review board regarding Drug and Alcohol policy
The Hospital's role in recovery - Part 3My submission to an Australian Hospital review board regarding Drug and Alcohol policy


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